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This is Sunrise Lady Ebony, known as TC (when she was a pup, it stood for Total Chaos, but now it stands for Too Cute). She is a Rottweiler. I have had her since she was 7 weeks old. That was in 1990. She is a good friend, everything a person could ask for in a dog.

Below is a picture of TC, taken the day after her leg was amputated, Mar 6, 1999. She had bone cancer in the leg so had to have it removed.

TC went to the Bridge August 1, 2000. Her bone cancer came back in her other leg and she lost the fight.

I miss you Little Girl!

The picture below was taken at the park Aug 15, 1999. TC is enjoying a roll in the grass, something she doesn't get to do very often, living in the desert!

TC playing in the park:
TC in the St Patrick's Day Parade:
TC's photo album: More pics taken March 15, 2000

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