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Naturally Trained Gaited Horses and Donkeys

All our horses are naturally gaited, and the gait is enhanced with Natural Horsemanship and Dressage techniques,without the use of gimmicks. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to get a horse to stop pacing and start walking without having to resort to heavy shoes or harsh bits. To read an excellent article on curing the pace in this manner, click on the link below.

We are reducing our herd. To see the sale horses click here Horses for sale

Curing the Pace

Confused about the different gaits? Click on the link below.
How to tell one gait from another

For more info on Natural Horsemanship, Clicker Training, Donkeys, or Mules, click on the links below.

Some interesting facts and fiction about Walkers at the link below.
Truths and Myths about Tennessee Walking Horses


Chocolate Chip
My large standard jenny Missy

Special Delight
My large standard jenny Delight


Mind Meeting Mind in Minutes Horsemanship
Problem Horse? Answers here!
Natural Walking Horse Association
Info on Natural Walking Horses
Alexander Kurland
Info on clicker training for Horses
Clicker Training Mailing List


Want More Walking Horse Info, Or Looking To Buy A Walker? Click A Link Below

J & K Reproductions
Naturally Gaited Spotted Walking Horses In Kentucky
Desert Gold Tennessee Walkers
Natural Gaited Walking Horses In Arizona
Walkers of Thompson
Natural Gaited Walking Horses In Michigan
Legacy Ranch Tennessee Walkers
Natural Gaited Walking Horses In Utah


The Donkey Page
Almost everything you ever wanted to know about Donkeys
American Donkey and Mule Society
Registry and info on donkeys and mules


My best bud


My dogs are all trained with the clicker and positive reinforcement. As a result, they all love training!

My dog TC CGC, now at the Bridge

Jonathon Lightfoot

Bruno Vom Sigvald
My dog Brunie CGC, now at the Bridge

Ivan McGivan
My dog Ivan CGC NAC

Apollo Vom Sigvald
My dog Apollo CGC TN-N

More pics
A day at the mountain with the dogs

Problem Dog? Use Positive Training Methods!

A program for a better behaved dog

Does your dog pull when on a leash?
Pulling on leash part two

Links to More Articles For Solving Behavior Problems

Results of Clicker Training-Targeting!

More clicker training pics

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