Pictured above is the X-Pen, two wire crates, and one Vari-Kennel type crate. Pictured below is a Sky Kennel. All are in good condition, but all are used.

The X-Pen is 42" high and consists of (8) panels, each 24" wide. (The X-Pen costs $62+ new*)

The two wire crates made by Midwest, fold up, suitcase style, and are each 36x24x28. (The crates each cost $58+ new*)

The smaller plastic crate is a Petmate Deluxe Pet Porter. It is 27Lx21 1/2Wx20H. (This crate costs approx $45 new*)

The larger plastic crate is a Doskocil Sky Kennel Model 500P. it is approx 30Hx36Lx24W. (This crate costs approx $60 new*)

*Prices given are for reference only


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