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Desert Rainbow Ranch's Homepage:

Desert Rainbow Ranch
Sun City West, Arizona
(602) 546-5862


This is C-Moun. He's not a gaited horse, donkey, or mule. He's an Arabian, but he's my buddy, and deserves his own page, too. I bought him as a 10 month old colt, he's now 16 years old, and stands 16 hands. He's a wonderful horse, I think he's the best horse in the world. He does anything I ask of him. Together we've done dressage, jumping, huntseat, and worked cattle. He pulls a cart, and ponies the young horses. We've covered many, many miles of desert and mountain trails. He loves to go out, and doesn't have a bad habit. He shakes hands, and nods yes for treats. He loves to drink soda, and will drink right from the can. We've been to many horse shows, and have gotten our share of blues. Being my best bud, he's not for sale at any price.

C-Moun's Pedigree

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